Screw Type Water Source Heat Pump Unit China Industrial Heat Pump
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Screw Type Water Source Heat Pump Unit China Industrial Heat Pump

  • FWC-50
  • folansi
  • FWC-50
Product Description

 Water source screw type heat pump unit adopts twin screw compressors, it can be used for cooling and heating, or one unit with both functions: one system replaces the original boiler and air conditioning system to save a lot of energy while reducing the initial investment in equipment. Heating without boiler room system and cooling without cooling tower to achieve zero pollution and emission. Cooling capacity range: 70kw-5000kw; Heating capacity range: 80kw-6000kw.



A. Technical Support

1. We'll help you select the most suitable models after accurate calculation. 
2. We can design and develop new products based on your requirement.
3. We'll provide you professional technical support on refrigeration & electronic to help you solve installation, debugging & operational problems. 
4. Spare parts and technical support will be provided within & after the warranty period.
5. We'll arrange free training courses to your team at our factory if needed.


B. After-sales Service
1. Technical support for your installation, operation and maintenance. 
2. 12 months’ warranty,
3. Reasonable prices for purchased spare parts.
4. Update you our latest products information & price policy every year. 


C. Customized service
1. We can provide you OEM/ODM service
2. We can develop new product & technology as per your requirement 


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   Add : Jinlibang Industrial Park , Ganlian,Lishui town,Nanhai district , Foshan city,Guangdong province china
   Tel : +86 0757-85639001
   Whatsapp : +86 13432027344
    E-mail :
   Skype : linda.liang88
   Wechat : 13432027344
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