DC Inverter Heat Pump-18KW heating capacity
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DC Inverter Heat Pump-18KW heating capacity

  • FAD-05
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  • FAD-05

 DC inverter heat pump
Model FAD-05
Power supply 220~240V/1Ph/50Hz  or 380~400V/3Ph/50Hz
Max. heating capacity (A7/W35) 18kW
Min. heating capacity (A7/W35) 6.5kW
Rated heating capacity (A7/W35) 15.8   kW
COP 2.9~4.5
Max. cooling capacity (A35/W7) 12.2kW
Min. cooling capacity (A35/W7) 2.3kW
Rated Cooling capacity (A35/W7) 14.5kW
EER 2.4~3.5
Controller LCD Wire   controller
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor/Type Mitsubishi   / Inverter rotary
Compressor quantity 1
Condenser Plate   heat exchanger
Evaporater Louvered   & hydrophilic fin-tubes
Evaporater layer Double
Electronic expansion valve SANHUA   EEV
Housing Galvanized   steel& powder painting
Fan system Horizontal   fan discharge
Fan speed Variable
Water flow switch Built-in
Circulation pump Built-in   Energy Class A water pump
Water flow (m3/h) 2.3
Water connection DN   25
Ingress protection IPX4
Net dimension (mm) - Outdoor unit 1110*460*1250
Packing dimension (mm) - Outdoor unit 1210*530*1385
1. Unit working temperature : -25℃ to 43℃
    2. Test condition:
    *    Ambient temp: 7℃/6℃, water inlet/outlet: 30℃/35℃
    **   Ambient temp: 2℃/1℃, water inlet/outlet: 30℃/35℃
    ***  Ambient temp: 35℃, water inlet/outlet: 7℃/12℃
    **** Ambient temp: 35℃,   water inlet/outlet: 18℃/23℃
    3. Hot water supply: the volume of hot water heated from 15℃ to 55℃ at ambient temp 15℃.
    4. The above is the basic configuration. Water pump is included in.

heat pump installation a

heat pump installation b

heat pump installation c

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