Why hotel hot water projects prefer air energy heat pumps folansi tells you the answer
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Why hotel hot water projects prefer air energy heat pumps folansi tells you the answer

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In recent years, under the trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction, air can heat pump more and more get the welcome of the market, the hotel has become the importance of brands, each big heat pump air can heat pump has been so appreciated by the hotel?Compared with other hot water equipment, air to water heat pump and what are the advantages ? folansi air to water heat pump tell you the answer.

It is well known that stream of hotel, for the hot water demand is high, so the hotel need to consider costs, water stability, head of a lot of problems.First is must ensure that the guest's water security, followed by hot water must enough, the last is energy conservation and reduce the cost.As a clean hot water equipment, solar water heater was all the rage, the sunshine is the advantage of this way of hot water of time without the need for electricity, sunny can save a lot of running costs.Defect is no sunshine when can only use electric heating, winter use limitations is larger.

Electric hot water boiler engineering electric hot water boiler equipment mainly electrical energy into heat energy, so it can effect comparing can't more than 1, energy consumption is very large, many places are reluctant to use in order to save cost.Gas hot water engineering than electric boiler, gas hot water equipment, lower operation cost, but have certain security hidden danger.Moreover, many areas are now in "coal to gas", leading to a serious shortage of natural gas in heating peak will appear, at the appointed time, the industrial and commercial gas will stop supply.

Compared with the above several kinds of hot water equipment, air can heat pump only a small amount of electricity, mainly to absorb heat from the air to heating, whether rain or snow can run normally, is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, security, environmental protection of the new hot water equipment.Buddha lance circulating hot water machine is the most outstanding in the air can heat pump.Device USES a number of current advanced technology, make the service life of the unit efficiency, security, improved significantly, and is an alternative to traditional gas water heaters, electric water heater in energy conservation and environmental protection products, become a hotel, resort, hotel, school and other places a better system of hot water.Based on Buddha lance circulating hot water machine superior performance, resort hotel decided to adopt 10 sets of 25 p Buddha lance circulating hot water unit meet the demand of the hotel's hot water at low temperature.

Kaiyuan mooring vacation paradise, is a collection of accommodation, amusement, catering, business as one of the major leisure complex.This isn't the kaiyuan group USES the Buddha lance heat pump project first, before has multiple projects choose Buddha lance equipment, because of the long-term effect is good, the failure rate is low, so the project party a lance or not hesitate to choose the folansi.

According to hotel controller introduces, Buddha lance circulation machine of low temperature hot water level of energy efficiency and energy saving advantages, machine remote monitoring kaiyuan engineering department to bring the Gospel, the computer can monitor and adjust the machine running situation, worry and effort.In addition, the unit 4 years free repair kit, it is excellent product quality to have such a long commitment!Air can, Buddha lance more professional!



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