We're back to work! 2020 we work together to fight the epidemic !
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We're back to work! 2020 we work together to fight the epidemic !

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At 2020 year. boxer year of the rat, the zodiac rat, led, destined to make all memorable.A new type of coronavirus pneumonia outbreak affects hundreds of millions of Chinese people's heart.According to the guangdong provincial people's government on enterprise notice to return to work and school at time spirit and the province, the epidemic prevention and control in guangzhou headquarters about requirements, on the basis of the current epidemic situation, in response to the government on economic and social order guidelines on recovery and return to work and production of enterprises.With the permission of the government for the record, the company top meeting decision, we have officially reopened on February 24.


To "recover" to overcome the difficulties

This is not the same as the Spring Festival, because of the outbreak of the outbreak, let we tightly embrace together, because we believe that in our joint efforts, the outbreak will be unscathed, when spring comes, the flowers bright is still the same.

Full with "complex" overcome the difficulties, as the change of the disease form, the company after a thorough disinfection and carefully prepared, priority to ensure the health and safety of our employees, with the permission of the government for the record, since February 24, lance to return to work and production, we are ready to return to work before and after a series of measures, in order to ensure everyone's health and safety working environment.


Return to work after the full implementation of safety measures

Thanks to every member of the folansi, thanks to our customers, because of you, every time challenges will make us more unity;Each time, can make us more trust.Red rain follow ZuoLang, castle peak attempts to bridge;At the same time to those who fight in the front line, resistance to disease always adhere to the position in silence to pay everyone, salute!


Outbreak, us;Tough time, we were.



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