Folansi 20pcs air source heat pump power shijiazhuang district to realize green low carbon targets
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Folansi 20pcs air source heat pump power shijiazhuang district to realize green low carbon targets

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"Low carbon, ecology, wisdom," is positive definite targets set by the new district of shijiazhuang, are catered to the country has been advocating the scientific outlook on development of energy saving and emission reduction, how to achieve this goal, the positive definite new area into a new landmark of modern first-class shijiazhuang image?

Buddha lance with high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection of folansi 20 sets of air source heat pump power.

We have learned, shijiazhuang to build positive definite new district into a low carbon economy demonstration area, lead the sustainable development of the demonstration zone.In terms of low carbon, for the new set up carbon emissions intensity, energy intensity and so on eight aspects, including low carbon building, low carbon transportation, 85 indicators system.In terms of ecology, constructed the green energy, green space and so on six aspects, a total of 31 measures of the ecological system.Core goal for the realization of the regional architecture, a 40% reduction in carbon emissions, renewable energy utilization rate reached 15%, etc.

Is located in shijiazhuang city vocational education of the new zone of the positive definite garden area B heating power station construction projects planned to use central heating way inside the area for equipment manufacturing, tourism, schools and two supporting logistics integrated services building to provide heating in the winter, but the central heating to consider installation position, the problem such as input costs, running late, again is based on the new target and orientation, project considering decided to adopt the Buddha lance 20 to 50 horse temperature air source heat pump unit to provide clean heating for the two schools.

Folansi EVI temperature heat pump - Polaris unit is designed according to the climate characteristics of cold region, has a superior low temperature heating performance, a new jet increase enthalpy technology, unique enthalpy branch design, guarantee the unit successfully take liquid ring of ultra-low temperature.Compared to common enthalpy, the technology can break through the bulwark of cryogenic technology, ring - 30 ℃ temperature can still be stable under heating, top of the water temperature of 65 ℃, can match the fan coil units, the ends of floor heating and radiator, alternative to the traditional air conditioning plus boiler heating system, widely used in cold region heating of the shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and other places of business.



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